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Monique Robinson

Monique Robinson

Event Coach

Hometown: Crossett, Arkansas
College: Kansas State University
Events: Jumps, Hurdles, and Sprints

"I was first introduced to track and field in the 7th grade by Coach Richardson (The Best Coach Ever)!! I use to hang out after school at the track, while my older sister had track practice. One day, I was playing around with the hurdles and Coach Richardson took me to the side and set up some hurdles and told me to jump over one, then two, then three, and four. From that day on, I fell in love with track and field. Coach Richardson started letting me practice with the older kids and the rest is history. In Middle and High School I competed in about eight events a meet and most of the time I received High Point trophies. For 13 years, I held the State 4A High Jump Record, which was broken by a fellow Crossett Eagle in 2012 or 2013. I have traveled all the way to England to compete in track meets. Track and field gave me the chance to leave a small town in Arkansas and got my education paid for. I love really all sports and I want to show kids that they too can love competing and pushing themselves to limits that they didn’t even know they could."

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