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How do I sign up for an AAU Membership?

Click here:  AAU-Membership-Instructions_2024

  • Does my child have to attend every practice?

    No, because our children are involved in so many activities, we understand that they might not be able to make it to every practice. We recommend practicing at least 2 to 3 times per week so your athlete has the best chance to improve during the MTC season.

  • How should my athlete prepare for practice?

    To prevent injuries, you should always dress in layers on days when it is cold and damp. You can shed your sweatshirts, jackets, stocking caps, gloves, and pants when your muscles get stretched and warmed. It's cool to be prepared, un-cool - unprepared. Bring a water bottle to every practice. It is important to keep your body hydrated. And STAY AWAY FROM THE SODA!

  • How will I know if a practice is cancelled?

    Practices are generally not canceled unless storms and lightning occur. Because we have a track to use, we do not have to worry about wet fields. MTC uses the TeamSnap app to communicate practice cancellations or if a practice is called off early. If it begins to storm during practice we would like you to pick up your child, they will be kept safe in the locker rooms at the field until you arrive.

  • When should my child wear track spikes?

    They should only wear their track spikes during their events. Track spikes ARE NOT to be worn an entire practice or meet. Every athlete is to change back into their regular shoes after their event.

  • Does my child wear socks with their spikes?

    Ideally, a track spike should fit like a glove - almost like running barefoot. Therefore, if any sock is going to be worn, a thin sock is recommended. For a more experienced athlete, my recommendation would be no socks with track spikes.

  • Should they wear their uniform to practice?

    No, uniforms are ONLY for use at track meets.

  • What do I bring to meets?

    Come prepared because of the uncertainty of weather conditions. Weather reports have called for sunny and warm days and we've experienced rainy and cold weather before. If in doubt, bring sweatshirts/sweatpants, a change of shoes, socks, and umbrellas (good for rain or sun).

  • What type of snacks do I pack and bring to meets?

    Healthy snacks. Some ideas would be orange slices, bananas, cut-up melons, grapes, crackers, rice cakes, sandwiches, juices, and of course water. Even good foods should be eaten in moderation and not right before your event. No sodas, candy, chips, or fast food. Please save that for after the meet.

  • How will I know how to get to a meet?

    The track club usually meets at a designated time and place so we can follow each other out to a meet. If that's not possible, we usually provide directions (the website often has driving directions to the meets).

  • Will my child participate in every meet?

    For developmental and invitational meets, yes. As the season progresses, the meets get more competitive and athletes need to qualify to continue. Fortunately, there are developmental and invitational meets throughout the season that anyone will be able to attend.

  • Why do athletes need to stay out of the sun?

    The sun is very draining to athletes. Sitting in the sun during a track meet can create dehydration, fatigue, and other heat-related injuries. This is also the cause of feeling sick after running an event. Track meets are usually long and when an athlete does need to be out in the sun, be sure to have sunblock.

  • Does MTC pay for my registration fees and pay for my meet registration?

    MTC membership fees pay for 2 meets (Clay Center and our Home Meet in Riley). Otherwise, the parent and the athlete are responsible for track meet fees and turning in registration forms on time. Contact Matthew Curtis at (320) 250-0132 for assistance or questions.

  • Do I need to bring money to track meets?

    It is always a good idea to bring extra money for whatever may be needed. Meets typically have concession stands and t-shirt sales that can be purchased if desired. 

  • How long do track meets last and do we have to stay until the end?

    Track meets are unpredictable so every meet will vary in duration. When you are sure that all of your events are done and you have received your metals, you can leave. However, we would appreciate it if you would let us know that you're leaving before you do.

  • Why does my child have to run at practice if he/she is a thrower?

    Throwers will not be required to run as much as the other athletes but it will be a part of conditioning and teamwork.

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