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Jeff Hake

Jeff Hake

Event Coach

Hometown: Beloit, Kansas
College: Cloud County Community College, University of Kansas
Events: Shot, Discus, Hammer, and Weight

“Great throwers require a unique synthesis of abilities associated with a number of other sports. They need the athleticism of multi-event track athletes (decathletes and heptathletes), the strength of powerlifters, the speed and explosiveness of Olympic lifters, the dynamic strength of gymnasts, and the fluid movements that integrate all these attributes.”      - John Baumann

Too often when starting track at a young age, most kids don’t have the opportunity to work with former college level athletes or have access to resources that facilitate proper training.  I was fortunate to have a Big 8 champion shot-put and discus thrower take me under his wing and give me the proper training required to be a Division 1 shot-put, discus, hammer, and weight thrower.  No matter what you do in life, having a great coach makes the difference.  

I LOVE track and field!  This sport gives everyone an opportunity to “play” offering so many different events. It challenges you to work hard and push through mental and physical obstacles.  My philosophy is this: the only person you have to defeat is yourself.  I look forward to being part of the Manhattan Track Club, encouraging young athletes to work hard and set personal bests, and making new friends along the way!"

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