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Andrew Pellant

Andrew Pellant

Event Coach

Hometown: Clyde, Kansas
College: Kansas Wesleyan University
Events: Sprints, Jumps, and Core Training

"In high school, I was involved in several sports but mainly excelled in basketball. After college, I started getting involved in coaching different youth sports, including basketball and soccer. I enjoy working with youth athletes and having the opportunity to impress upon them the values I believe sports offer that are important in different aspects of life, such as teamwork, hard work, disappointments, triumphs, etc. In 2019, I signed my daughter up to compete with the Manhattan Track Club and it turned out to be one of the best decisions for both myself and my daughter. Their coaching philosophy is similar to mine and I see the positive effects on the youth athletes. I was reminded of the coaches I had growing up and the impact they had on me. I took the opportunity during the 2019 indoor track season to join the MTC team as a coach and I haven't looked back!"

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